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Beverly S./Portland, OR

Beverly S

I've been attending Heather Craig's SAGE Strength and Stability class for a little over a year now.  Before taking her class, I was walking 5 miles a day every week, but often fell due to balance issues.  After regularly coming class, my balance has improved so much that I don't ever fall! My coordination has gotten better too and I feel more connection from my brain to my body.  I love her class- it's helped me so much!"

Anne B/Portland, OR

One year ago I began a journey of losing weight and getting into shape. I knew it would not be easy and that it would take dedication. Without Heather Craig’s consistent creation of fun, energetic and challenging workouts I would not have been successful. Over the course of one year I have lost several inches and pant sizes, but the most rewarding thing is discovering that my workouts are something I look forward to, rather than dread. I couldn’t have changed my daily living routine without Heather. She’s not only down to earth, upbeat, and helpful- SHE’S THE BOMB!

Ben S/Portland, OR

I wanted to write a quick shout out to my favorite class taught by Heather Craig, X-Cycle! I have been an avid runner for 10+ years and needed something different (and fresh) for my mid-week workouts. X-Cycle fit the bill and more!

I love the structure of the class, 30 minutes of cardio on the bike and 30 minutes in the “cage”. I always look forward to the 2nd half of class because it is always different. Heather’s mix of weight training, balance, core work, and stretching is great for me, since I don’t so ANY of them on my own!

It’s a class I would recommend to any fitness level. You determine how hard you want to work and push yourself. Keep up the great work Heather, and I will do my best to work my schedule around X-Cycle classes!

Beverly S./Portland, OR

Beverly S

I’ve been attending Heather Craig’s SAGE Strength and Stability class for a little over a year now.  Before taking her class, I was walking 5 miles a day every week, but often fell due to balance issues.  After regularly coming class, my balance has improved so much that I don’t ever fall! My coordination has gotten better too and I feel more connection from my brain to my body.  I love her class- it’s helped me so much!”

Brooke S/Portland, OR

I absolutely LUV Booty Luv®! It is an amazingly fun workout, especially for those that want to focus on the thighs, glutes, hips, and core. Coming from someone with a specific hip condition, this is just the class I have been looking for! Heather tailors the class to make it accessible to people of all ages and levels of ability. She has a positive and encouraging attitude, and her passion and expertise are radiantly apparent in each and every class. I highly recommend Booty Luv® to anyone who wants to sweat, smile, and actually have fun working out!

Carmenza G/Portland, OR

I have been in Heather’s Spinning® class for the last 6 months. She is a great fitness instructor. Heather’s energy, dedication, knowledge, kindness, and fun spirit are AWESOME!! She totally inspired me to exercise consistently and have fun doing it. I love being in her Spinning® class twice a week! She pushes me further than I thought I was capable of, and I feel so good mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am forever grateful for Heather’s inspiration and motivation to exercise. Thanks Heather – you ROCK!!

Dana G/Portland, OR

Booty Luv® is amazing! I love this class so much. I feel as if Booty Luv® was created for me- an hour and 15 minutes completely focused on the hips/backside, all set to fabulous booty shaking tunes. It feels like I am out dancing, but I am actually working out. The results- a higher, tighter, firmer arse. I especially appreciate how Heather has divided the class into three components: warm up across the floor, various exercises done in the middle of the room and at the wall, then rounding it out with isolated floor exercises done on your mat. We never do any one movement for too long, so it always stays fresh, exciting, and fun. She incorporates new moves every class, so you are always learning something different. The best testament to this class is looking around the room and seeing everyone smiling and laughing, myself included. How often can you say that about exercise?!

David J/Portland, OR

Heather Craig will change your life. No lie. Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn from her. Heather is a gifted trainer/teacher. She brings deep, expert knowledge to composing an exercise/training program to meet your individual goals and objectives. Moreover, she will carry you to new levels of awareness and accomplishments in terms of health and fitness – levels that I was unaware of before I worked with her. Training with Heather has amazed me again and again. Regularly, sensitively, expertly, enthusiastically, she has pushed me to embrace fitness goals that I didn’t understand until I learned from her. Through her guidance, I have reached them- and now look forward to more.

Drawing on her deep knowledge of anatomy, exercise, and technique (integrating weight training, Pilates, yoga, and much more) Heather designs programs that will inspire and draw you into the gym. She updates your program as you progress to keep your commitment and enthusiasm growing all the while. This I guarantee: You will look forward to your training sessions with Heather because you know she genuinely cares about leading you to greater health and personal awareness. In every training session, you will learn something new and exciting. You will transcend your personal goals, because she inspires. Deeply. Her commitment to her clients is infectious,and the results are real and rewarding. Don’t pass up this opportunity- Heather Craig will change your life.

Debbie L/Portland, OR

My workouts over the past year have reshaped my body (especially my booty!) and re-centered my mind. Heather’s Body Luv Fitness personalized routines focus on my strengths and have changed my body image. I like Heather Craig’s yoga focus, concentrating on breath and slow, small muscle movements for greater awareness. She has taught me the meaning of “less is more” when developing body awareness and strengthening muscle mass.
Heather’s Body Luv Fitness workouts are fun! Not only is she my trainer, I also consider her a friend.

Erin O/Portland, OR

If someone had told me that I would start my road to menopause at 40, I would have laughed. Well I did start at 40 and with it came a lot of extra weight but I am happy to say that after 7 years, I finally figured out how to combat it. Diet and exercise? Of course, but not just any exercise. Since working with the wonderful Heather Craig and her fabulous Booty Luv® classes, I have not only stopped the weight gain but have actually reversed it! Since adding Booty Luv® to my exercise regiment, I have lost 20 lbs, 2 pant sizes, and gained a whole lot of self confidence. I highly recommend working with Heather whether you are fighting the bulge battle or just want to keep that girlish figure. Heather will not only give you the physical tools needed but she will coach and encourage you every step of the way; she truly is nothing short of amazing

Jami K/Portland, OR

Booty Luv® is the best class ever! It is a killer workout, and lots of fun. Heather has a way of making you feel cute,even sexy as you’re sweating! That alone is something to brag about. My booty and I love this class, and I look forward to it every week. Heather is very encouraging and knows her stuff completely. She’s all about being fit while maintaining our feminine curves. I wish I could train with her every day! I just can’t say enough good things about Heather and Booty Luv®!

Jeannie B/Portland, OR

I found Heather Craig by attending one of her Booty Luv® classes and was immediately drawn to her great energy and good vibe. Choosing Heather as my personal trainer has been the best choice I have made for my well-being in a long time. It’s been a great experience, and our time together goes by amazingly fast.

Heather has a wonderful attitude and keeps pushing you without being aggressive. She’s great at making small adjustments as we go to get better results.

Heather is the best motivator! It is because of her that I can now say I actually ENJOY working out! She rocks! I highly recommend Heather Craig as a personal trainer- you’ll be hooked just like me.

She is always giving me great tips, like reminding me to relax my shoulders and breathe. At the end of each workout, I am rewarded with a “Perfecto, Jeannie!” that lets me know I did a great job.

Jerri C/Portland, OR

I had all but dismissed any idea of having a personal trainer due to my misconceptions of what a trainer is or could be. Yes, Oprah Winfrey had hers and I’d heard athletes speak of theirs but I did not fall under the titles or “rich and famous” or well-conditioned.

Due to my daughter’s prodding and my own growing needs I came to Heather Craig but had little or no idea of what to expect. At best I hoped to find someone who would demonstrate how to use the equipment and recommend the ones most beneficial to my knees and lower back. I love to walk and at one time could walk 2 miles a day easily. However due to age, injuries and years of bad habits, I was lucky to walk 2 blocks without stumbling. I’m not at 2 miles yet, but I will keep working at it.

Heather Craig has been a blessing to me! She has far surpassed my expectations and has quelled my fears. It was obvious to me that she had read my history and goals prior to our first session and designed a program of exercises specifically for me.

Heather has worked patiently with me on my posture and balance. She has diligently kept track of my progress and modified my program appropriately. She is full of smiles and encouragement while helping me get my shoulders down, chest open and head high!

My family is delighted with the changes they see and I am continually amazed at how much better I feel. I have sung Heather’s praises to my family and friends and am pleased to sing them here for all to read. Thanks, Heather!

Jill M/Portland, OR

Heather’s X-Cycling class is a blast! The time flies by, and before I know it we are cooling down. Her upbeat personality and great selection of music makes Spinning class a lot of fun. I have endured many boring Spinning classes in my exercise experience, but Heather’s class is always the perfect mix of endurance, sprints, and strength building. Heather is a gem!

Kaitlyn DP/Portland, OR

I have been attending Heather Craig’s X-Cycling class for just over a month and I am completely hooked! Not only has my body changed, but my whole attitude toward fitness training. Never in my life have I been so thrilled with a fitness class. Heather Craig’s infectious positivity and earnest encouragement keep me coming back every week. She is a wonderful motivator and I just love her! I can’t wait to try Booty Luv®. You just can’t go wrong with Heather/Body Luv Fitness!

Kami K/Portland, OR

Last February, my sister and I decided to check out a class together and found Booty Luv®. With Heather as our booty motivator and specialist, paired with a soundtrack fit for a night out, my booty moved in ways I didn’t know was possible. Now 5 months later with two Booty Luv® classes per week, I physically cannot do without this class. It is a workout that focuses on the stabilizing muscles of the body; the glutes, hips, inner/outer thighs and core. It has done wonders for my balance and taught me how to communicate with the one of the largest and most important muscles in my body- my booty! Aside from all that, I look and feel downright booty-licious! This class has been one for the record books in a number of ways, and has strengthened the bond between my sister and I, as she and I attend classes together regularly. We have loved the changes we see in our bodies, and practice our “booty pops” outside of class all the time! Heather really knows her stuff and is a phenomenal instructor. I LOVE Booty Luv®!

Katie B/Portland, OR

After giving up alcohol for about 6 months, it was time for me to start exercising and eating well, but the idea of running on a treadmill in a gym in front of a TV seemed so boring! Then I hopped online and found Booty Luv®…

Heather Craig is an amazing instructor! Booty Luv® is an awesome combination of floor work, Pilates, dance, booty shaking, yoga, and lots of lunges and squats.

Booty Luv® is fun, energetic, challenging, and safe! Heather encourages us to love our bodies the way they are and to remember that we are each unique and strong. I needed a class that would keep me engaged and coming back for more, and Booty Luv® is that class. As the weeks go by I feel my body getting stronger, and I also feel more stable emotionally and mentally.

Thanks to Booty Luv®, I am learning to finally embrace what I have been given, to let go, and have FUN getting fit. Thanks Heather Craig and Booty Luv®!

Kevilina B/Portland, OR

Heather Craig’s Booty Luv® classes are one of the first fitness addictions I have had as an adult. Booty Luv® has given me confidence- physically, mentally, and spiritually. There’s no way I could have started a business and worked full time without having Booty Luv® to look forward to each week. Heather’s teaching style is amazing (and she is such a homie)!

Krissy G/Portland, OR

I’ve taken Heather Craig’s X-Cycling class for quite a while now and I love it. Heather’s experience, positive attitude, and fun music selections are great motivation for working really hard in the cycling portion of class. Heather Craig’s emphasis on proper form and body awareness make the resistance portion of X-Cycling a workout you feel the next morning! Even in a group fitness setting, she customizes the exercises for individual injuries (or in my case, pregnancy). Heather Craig (Body Luv Fitness, LLC) always ensures a safe workout with maximum results!

Kristen O/Portland, OR

I am a diehard fan of Heather’s teaching and was thrilled to travel 2,000 miles to the Yucatan for more. Our retreat took place literally steps away from the Caribbean which made getting up early to “twerk it out” even more amazing! The food we ate was locally-sourced, divinely prepared and so delicious–fresh-pressed juices with every meal, pescatarian dinners and very little dairy or wheat.

Since we were at a solar-powered eco-hotel, we lived mainly by candlelight in our rooms at night which, given the setting, felt decadent and romantic. We were able to go on several optional tours (SUP yoga, to visit cenotes and a river float) and I thoroughly enjoyed them all. I loved all of the other participants as well and now have some wonderful new friends in my life. Sad that I have to wait an entire year to do it again.

Kristina K/Portland, OR

All Heather’s classes are AMAZING! They are both fun and challenging. Heather is an excellent instructor. She takes the time to break down each move, explaining the muscle groups being worked and their importance. She is great at providing motivation and encouragement to ensure we meet our goals as students.

Kristina R/Portland, OR

Prior to taking Heather’s Booty Luv® class on a regular basis, I had constant lower back and hip pain. Heather’s close attention to form and her “hands-on” approach to each member’s personal needs taught me how to exercise with proper form and which muscle groups I should be focusing on to relieve my lower back and hip pain. After a few months of taking Heather’s Booty Luv® class, my hip pain is now gone, by lower back pain in minimal, and my booty never looked so good! I cannot recommend this class enough. Heather is awesome!

Linda D./Portland, OR

“Heather is the BEST! She helped me get in shape and lose weight for my son’s wedding. Her professionalism and personality made her a pleasure to work with. I attend her SAGE classes weekly at Mefitness Studios and hired her as a personal trainer and am so glad I did! I always feel great after my classes/training sessions with her and even surpassed my initial weight loss goal to lose a full 20 pounds. Woo-hoo! Thanks to Heather Craig’s programs and guidance, I feel more confident in my body and daily life. Let her skills and smile motivate YOU to make positive changes for your health, too!”

Maron F/Portland, OR

Heather Craig was the trainer for my complimentary introduction session at MeFit Studios. When she asked what I would like to focus on, I said my posture needed help, and that I had been suffering from low back and hip pain for years. I also had a hip injury last summer while working out too hard. Heather Craig came up with a program that surprised me, as she focused a lot on my shoulders and upper back. The next few days, I had very little back or hip pain, which hasn’t happened to me since my twenties!

Over the years, I have seen doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists and physical therapists. After my hip injury last summer, I was even contemplating surgery! However, since being consistent with the program Heather Craig designed for me, things with my back and hip continue to improve. I can fall asleep and stay asleep, sit up in bed and read, and my family has noticed my improved posture.

How does Heather do it? She has done something none of the other specialists could- she has made me feel better! She knows her subject, but it’s more than that. Heather Craig listens to your needs and then tailors your workout to your particular physical issues. My routine is neither too easy (boring!) or too hard (discouraging!). The exercises Heather designs for me are challenging in a healthy way.

I feel so lucky and thankful that I made it to MeFit Studios and had the opportunity to work with Heather Craig (Body Luv Fitness)!

Mary M/Portland, OR

Booty Luv® is so much fun! Students are often smiling and laughing. The class format allows exploration of moves and incorporates elements of yoga, ballet, African dance, Pilates, belly dancing, martial arts, and hip-hop dancing. Personally, this class has improved my hip flexibility for aerialist classes and has been a great complement to my fitness routine. I am encouraged to interpret moves my own way, and have fun doing it! I recommend this class to all of my friends, especially new moms and those who enjoy dance or yoga.

Mimi F/Portland, OR

I first met Heather Craig in her Booty Luv® Fitness classes, and then hired her as my personal trainer to get me ready for a ski trip I had coming up.

Even though it had been 8 years since I last skied, I amazingly remembered EVERYTHING on the first day and had the best time. All of the exercises we did paid off big time! I felt all of those muscle groups working and was able to ski great long days with minimal soreness or exhaustion. Of course hot tubbing every night helped as well; I am saving up my money for next year’s trip, which will hopefully include some training with Heather Craig- she is worth every penny!!

Nanci L/Portland, OR

Heather Craig is an encouraging, enthusiastic, affirming, knowledgeable and safe instructor. She is able to translate her body wisdom in a clear and fun way that gets you inspired and keeps your body moving! She is one of the best teachers I have ever experienced! Heather Craig not only supports me to modify exercises to accommodate my injuries, she is able to be rehabilitative. Her classes have helped me build necessary strength and re-pattern my understanding of how to move my body to prevent further injuries. I can’t recommend Heather Craig enough as a teacher!

Nannette Z/Portland, OR

Make an investment in yourself by training with Heather Craig! I did, and it is one of the best decisions of my life. When I met with Heather, we talked about overall fitness goals (burning fat, building muscle,improving nutrition). But we also spoke about old injuries, previous barriers to fitness and areas of acute pain that were getting in the way of me reaching my maximum potential.

After working with Heather for only 3 sessions, I felt incredible! There was improvement in my core strength and a significant reduction in pain. After feeling such great results, I signed up for more sessions. Heather Craig rehabilitated me from the inside out. She held me accountable for showing up to my workouts, and encouraged me to send her text messages when I exercised solo. Her support helped me reach my goals. Throughout my training with Heather, I lost a few pounds. I also gained strength and confidence to continue striving for a better me. Thank you Heather Craig/Body Luv Fitness!

Nicole H/Portland, OR

I started taking Heather Craig’s X-Cycling class to kick start my exercise routine. Like a lot of people, I wanted to begin the new year off right by developing some good habits toward a healthier lifestyle. I’ll be honest here; I am no athlete. I’m much happier at home baking (and consuming) cookies than sweating in a gym. In addition to my natural sloth-like behavior and my many excuses for not working out, I’ve got a few very real/very persistent injuries that make a lot of exercises unbearable. Even gentle yoga proved to be too much of a strain for me. So, it was with a bit of trepidation (read: kicking and screaming) when I agreed to join my boyfriend for the first class.
When I arrived Heather greeted us with a warm smile. She introduced me to what X-Cycling was about and began helping me set up my bike. She assured me we could work around my injuries and made sure I continually “checked in” with my body throughout the workout. She encouraged me to obey my limits, which I did. I wish I could say the first class was a breeze. It wasn’t. I was sure my 40-something body was going to give out and embarrass me in front of the whole class within the first 5 minutes. I am happy to report it didn’t! Thanks to Heather Craig’s upbeat positive coaching I managed to make it through the entire hour without fainting or vomiting on my neighbor.
Best part: my injuries didn’t flare up after! In fact, I’ve found that after a few more classes, they might actually be improving! Good-bye Ibuprofen- I am so divorcing you. I cannot recommend Heather Craig’s instruction enough. Her classes are both challenging and fun-ish (I am still a sloth at heart).
I started to see results within the first few weeks. I FEEL BETTER and am not in as much pain. Throughout my day, I have adopted some of Heather’s Body Luv Fitness wellness techniques (shoulders down, deep breaths) for a calm and happy body. My stress level is down, I’m sleeping better and have even made peace with my skinny jeans. Thank you, Heather! My next batch of cookies is for you!

Nicole J/Portland, OR

I have been attending Heather Craig’s X- Cycling class for a long time now, and absolutely love it! Heather is a great instructor. She is knowledgeable about how to be fit and healthy and makes sure we are using the gym equipment correctly and safely. She always has a positive attitude, and her great energy motivates me through each class. I love her class so much, I would come 5 days a week if I could!

Patti M/Portland, OR

Heather is a truly excellent trainer. She’s a perfect combination of tough, warm, and fun. After suffering a biking injury over a year ago, I had exhausted all aspects of rehabilitation and still wasn’t getting any better. But working out with Heather Craig has improved my fitness and strength levels and I finally feel better! I train with her twice a week. She is very sensitive to my levels of pain and comfort, and always finds a way to work around something that doesn’t feel good. Her workouts are fun, and she is very encouraging. Thanks to Heather Craig/Body Luv Fitness, I have become stronger and healthier. I give her the highest recommendation!

Rachael M/Portland, OR

I have always tried to stay active – whether it was working with a personal trainer, working out by myself at the gym, running, taking group classes, etc. But working out always felt like a chore and I could never stick to any one activity because it always felt too boring, or too expensive, too intimidating, or too hard on my body. Then I found Booty Luv® and everything changed!
Heather is so knowledgeable and she creates a super fun and supportive environment. I leave her classes sore and sweaty and knowing I’ve worked hard, but also knowing that I haven’t injured myself or pushed it too far. And I’ve seen great results – my ass looks fantastic!
I used to drag myself to the gym because I thought I should. Now I look forward to every Booty Luv® class and cannot wait to go work out! It’s great exercise, but it also feels rejuvenating and like I am doing something so nice for myself. I am so grateful to have found Heather Craig and Booty Luv®!

Sarah B./Portland, OR

85 pounds is a heavy load to carry. After some very scientific research (*cough* Google…) I discovered it’s roughly equivalent to the weight of a dishwasher! That is the amount of extra weight that, until this year, I carried through the world.

Full disclosure, I’ve never been thin. Years of too much stress, eating crappy food, drinking too much followed by late night binges to sober up, you know the story… But in 2008 something changed and I developed severe back pain. Since I was a hair stylist I assumed it was a side effect of the job but it gradually became so intense I could barely make it through the day. I had trouble standing and walking, I couldn’t bend over, even sitting upright was excruciating. So I spent most of my time flat on my back. With exercise out of the question I put on weight to the point that I no longer recognized myself. No doctor could explain what was happening to me. (Though each made sure to point out that I should exercise more and try to lose weight…) This went on for four years.

In 2012 I was finally diagnosed with a Synovial Cyst between L5 and S1. On September 8, 2012 I had surgery. On September 9, I took my first walk in four years. I only made it to the end of the driveway, but it was a start. Keep in mind that I was only 38 years old and I couldn’t even bend down to tie my shoes. I was scared. My mother is disabled, I knew all to well what my life could look like. I was determined, but I needed help.

I met Heather Craig in late 2011 through a mutual friend. We talked a bit about how I was feeling in my body. How frustrated I was with myself. She didn’t judge or shame me, she just listened. Then, a few months after surgery, she offered to help.

She slowly helped me build my strength and my confidence. Never rushing, never judging. Always willing to meet me exactly where I was and adjust to protect my body. As I got stronger the workouts evolved, and by Summer of 2013 I was also taking classes and starting to keep up with the group. Then, in February of 2014 I developed more severe back pain and new tingling down my leg.

An MRI showed Spondylolisthesis at L5 and arthritis at L4-S1. Seeming to be the cause of the anomalous cyst but was somehow missed until now. I was told the only way to”fix it” would be a spinal fusion. A procedure that would give me the flexibility of a 70 year old woman. Or…! If I could get the belly weight off and strengthen my core I might be able to stabilize my spine enough to put it off for another 20 years and possibly forever. Challenge accepted! Fear is an excellent motivator…

Once again, Heather reassessed, redesigned and re-focused. She introduced me to a Nutritionist to help hone my diet. She adjusted the intensity and purpose of my training, always protecting my body in the process. She never doubted me, even when I doubted myself.

It’s been a long road. It hasn’t been fast or easy. I stopped drinking, quit eating out constantly, and use my free time for exercise. Not all of my relationships survived the transformation. But others are so much better and more fulfilling. I am more present, calm, clear minded, and a more engaged parent. I appreciate my body for it’s resilience and strength. My journey to health has been life changing and I am so grateful to have had Heather on my team!

Sarah L./Portland, OR

Heather Craig is the bomb!  Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about her and the classes she teaches.  I had the good fortune to work with Heather as a personal trainer, and she designed a killer workout for me that I actually enjoy doing and that has given me great results.

I’ve also been completely addicted to her group classes (Booty Luv® and X-Cycling) ever since I attended the first one several years ago.  Heather always makes her classes super-fun and super-effective.

Heather Craig’s personality is amazing- she is adorable, funny, sassy, and brings her all to every class and training session.  And did I mention the Booty Luv® music?  Hands down the best mixes you will hear in any workout class.  If you haven’t worked out with Heather Craig/Body Luv Fitness, you are missing out!

Simone W./Portland, OR

I was referred to Heather Craig by my nutritionist because her classes promote a healthy relationship with one’s body. Her classes not only leave me sweating, they leave me happy and content in my own skin. All in all, it’s a blast!

Stefanie V/Portland, OR

I LOVE working out with Heather! She knows how to motivate me even after a 12-hour office day. Our sessions are always fun due to her creativity in developing new and challenging exercises. I especially appreciate that Heather shows me exercises that are demanding but not over-straining. She adjusts my program to meet my specific needs and abilities. Training with Heather is one of my most effective tools to release stress after a long day of meetings, travel, and presentations. Thanks, Heather!

Stefie W/Portland, OR

Heather Craig is the best! It is hard to keep from smiling during Booty Luv® and her other classes. Her positive attitude and infectious energy make each workout fun. With Heather’s clear and helpful instruction, my butt looks awesome and my spirits are lifted!

Tracie J/Portland, OR

I was referred to Heather by the sales manager at my gym/yoga center. I initially joined only for their yoga classes in a separate studio, as I’ve never been one to go a gym. Despite the fact I’ve been doing yoga on and off for years I still lacked upper body strength and my posture was poor. I thought I’d give resistance training a try and knew I would not be motivated nor have a clue where to start without a trainer.

Upon meeting Heather Craig I was instantly comfortable with her. She sat down with me to discuss my specific goals as well as physical ailments from surgeries. She assured me she would be as committed to my training program as I was. Four months later I can say without a doubt Heather is indeed committed. Not only that, she is enthusiastic, encouraging, professional and knowledgeable about both overall fitness training and nutrition. She is flexible in adjusting my program as I progress and identify more
specific areas I want to work on.

I couldn’t be happier with the results I have achieved thus far. Although Heather has trained me well and I could easily maintain my training without her, I choose to continue working with Body Luv Fitness because she is so great at keeping my program interesting and challenging, not to mention she is such a joy to be with and keeps me motivated. I am now a regular at the gym even on days I don’t meet with her. I can’t imagine achieving my goals without her and appreciate that although she holds me ultimately responsible she is supportive and great resource. She truly loves what she does and is good at it!

I’m really not one for group fitness classes but since I started personal training with Heather Craig/Body Luv Fitness and have enjoyed her so much, I thought I’d give her Booty Luv® class a shot. This class is so great I even think about it when I’m not in it and have rallied for a better studio at the gym for her to hold it in. Booty Luv® makes lower body strengthening fun and challenging for all levels, and you don’t have to be coordinated to feel the burn and see the results! The music is great. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I look forward to this class every week!

Valerie H./Portland, OR

Heather Craig is the real diva of delivering exercise delight! Besides leaving each class with a great workout, I love watching how Heather does what she does. From checking in with students to assure their complete safety, to creating warm-up routines that guide us into our zones without feeling overwhelmed, to keeping everyone encouraged with genuine appreciation as we work it out, Heather integrates a great teaching structure into all of her Booty Luv®, Pilates, and X-Cycling classes. She keeps it fresh by giving each class some novelty- whether by adding new moves, new music, or new perspectives- she actually makes me want to come back for more!

For years, I was an inconsistent gym-goer and found most classes boring, unsafe, or repetitive. With Heather Craig/Body Luv Fitness, it’s the opposite- I don’t want to miss a class because it’s the fastest and most enjoyable way for me to get in shape. For fun, fitness and a funky good time, give Heather Craig/Body Luv Fitness a try!