Booty Luv® Birthday or Bachelorette Party

Want to do something fun, healthy and a little dirty for your next birthday?

Round up your friends (male and female) for your own Birthday or Bachelorette Booty Luv® class! Classes can be held at MeFitness Studios or the location of your choice. It’s YOUR birthday, you can get low if you want to! (Prices vary, please contact for more information.)

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Booty Luv® Workshop

The Booty Luv® Workshops are an opportunity to delve more deeply into the ‘how and why” of core and gluteal strengthening. The workshops last about 2.5 hours and begin with a brief anatomy lesson, complete with basic illustrations. We then move into a full-length Booty Luv® class, pausing between sections for questions/answers.

Students are sent home with exercises to do on their own and everyone leaves having a better understanding of how “Booty Luv® is Body Luv”!

$40/3-hour workshop
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Semi-Private / Small Group Training

Whether you are interested in full-body circuits, gravity/body weight exercises, semi-private yoga, Pilates, Booty Luv™, or a combination of modalities, Heather can make it happen
Lower the cost of training and stay motivated by exercising with friends.

  • 2-4 people per group
  • sessions designed based on your needs, at the time of your choice, in the styles you choose
  • written program available upon request
Single 55 Minute Session: $100, can be split between 2-4 people for a great value and FUN!
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Personal Training

Consistency = Results!

Heather believes in a dynamic fusion of different exercise styles to reach your goals. Through a combination of reasonable eating strategies, strength, cardio, flexibility, and CONSISTENCY, you will be amazed at how much better you feel.

All ages, fitness levels and genders benefit from Heather’s:

  • dynamic fusion of different exercise styles (Pilates, yoga, dance, Booty Luv ™, functional/circuit training, cardio, etc.)
  • focus on nutrition, core strength, muscle engagement, balance and proper movement patterns
  • sessions that are fun, challenging, and effective

Most training sessions occur at MeFitness Studios (4943 NE MLK Blvd., Portland, OR) unless otherwise requested. You DO NOT need to have a membership to train with Body Luv Fitness™ or attend Heather’s classes. Clients receive a written program that is theirs to keep!

Your program is designed based on your specific goals, when/where you plan to exercise, etc.



As a courtesy to my clients, I call or text the day before to confirm our appointments. Please let me know if you do not want this service provided.

If you are feeling ill, please let me know ASAP to re-schedule.

Cancellations/rescheduling requests MUST be made within 24 hours (or more) of scheduled appointments. If a cancellation/re-scheduling request occurs without prior notice of at least 24 hours, client will be charged the full amount of session.
(Exceptions can be made depending on circumstances.)

Single 55 Minute Session: $75
3 Session Quickstart: $210
(includes $15 discount)
5 Sessions: $350
(includes $25 discount)
10 Sessions: $700
(includes $50 discount)
20 Sessions: $1400
(includes $100 discount!)
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For more information about services or to setup a consultation, contact Heather at