Dana G.

Booty Luv® is amazing! I love this class so much. I feel as if Booty Luv® was created for me- an hour and 15 minutes completely focused on the hips/backside, all set to fabulous booty shaking tunes. It feels like I am out dancing, but I am actually working out. The results- a higher, tighter, firmer arse. I especially appreciate how Heather has divided the class into three components: warm up across the floor, various exercises done in the middle of the room and at the wall, then rounding it out with isolated floor exercises done on your mat. We never do any one movement for too long, so it always stays fresh, exciting, and fun. She incorporates new moves every class, so you are always learning something different. The best testament to this class is looking around the room and seeing everyone smiling and laughing, myself included. How often can you say that about exercise?!

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