Katie B.

After giving up alcohol for about 6 months, it was time for me to start exercising and eating well, but the idea of running on a treadmill in a gym in front of a TV seemed so boring! Then I hopped online and found Booty Luv®…

Heather Craig is an amazing instructor! Booty Luv® is an awesome combination of floor work, Pilates, dance, booty shaking, yoga, and lots of lunges and squats.

Booty Luv® is fun, energetic, challenging, and safe! Heather encourages us to love our bodies the way they are and to remember that we are each unique and strong. I needed a class that would keep me engaged and coming back for more, and Booty Luv® is that class. As the weeks go by I feel my body getting stronger, and I also feel more stable emotionally and mentally.

Thanks to Booty Luv®, I am learning to finally embrace what I have been given, to let go, and have FUN getting fit. Thanks Heather Craig and Booty Luv®!

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