Kristen O.

I am a diehard fan of Heather’s teaching and was thrilled to travel 2,000 miles to the Yucatan for more. Our retreat took place literally steps away from the Caribbean which made getting up early to “twerk it out” even more amazing! The food we ate was locally-sourced, divinely prepared and so delicious–fresh-pressed juices with every meal, pescatarian dinners and very little dairy or wheat.

Since we were at a solar-powered eco-hotel, we lived mainly by candlelight in our rooms at night which, given the setting, felt decadent and romantic. We were able to go on several optional tours (SUP yoga, to visit cenotes and a river float) and I thoroughly enjoyed them all. I loved all of the other participants as well and now have some wonderful new friends in my life. Sad that I have to wait an entire year to do it again.

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