Tracy J.

I was referred to Heather by the sales manager at my gym/yoga center. I initially joined only for their yoga classes in a separate studio, as I’ve never been one to go a gym. Despite the fact I’ve been doing yoga on and off for years I still lacked upper body strength and my posture was poor. I thought I’d give resistance training a try and knew I would not be motivated nor have a clue where to start without a trainer.

Upon meeting Heather Craig I was instantly comfortable with her. She sat down with me to discuss my specific goals as well as physical ailments from surgeries. She assured me she would be as committed to my training program as I was. Four months later I can say without a doubt Heather is indeed committed. Not only that, she is enthusiastic, encouraging, professional and knowledgeable about both overall fitness training and nutrition. She is flexible in adjusting my program as I progress and identify more
specific areas I want to work on.

I couldn’t be happier with the results I have achieved thus far. Although Heather has trained me well and I could easily maintain my training without her, I choose to continue working with Body Luv Fitness because she is so great at keeping my program interesting and challenging, not to mention she is such a joy to be with and keeps me motivated. I am now a regular at the gym even on days I don’t meet with her. I can’t imagine achieving my goals without her and appreciate that although she holds me ultimately responsible she is supportive and great resource. She truly loves what she does and is good at it!

I’m really not one for group fitness classes but since I started personal training with Heather Craig/Body Luv Fitness and have enjoyed her so much, I thought I’d give her Booty Luv® class a shot. This class is so great I even think about it when I’m not in it and have rallied for a better studio at the gym for her to hold it in. Booty Luv® makes lower body strengthening fun and challenging for all levels, and you don’t have to be coordinated to feel the burn and see the results! The music is great. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I look forward to this class every week!

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