David J.

Heather Craig will change your life. No lie. Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn from her. Heather is a gifted trainer/teacher. She brings deep, expert knowledge to composing an exercise/training program to meet your individual goals and objectives. Moreover, she will carry you to new levels of awareness and accomplishments in terms of health and fitness – levels that I was unaware of before I worked with her. Training with Heather has amazed me again and again. Regularly, sensitively, expertly, enthusiastically, she has pushed me to embrace fitness goals that I didn’t understand until I learned from her. Through her guidance, I have reached them- and now look forward to more.

Drawing on her deep knowledge of anatomy, exercise, and technique (integrating weight training, Pilates, yoga, and much more) Heather designs programs that will inspire and draw you into the gym. She updates your program as you progress to keep your commitment and enthusiasm growing all the while. This I guarantee: You will look forward to your training sessions with Heather because you know she genuinely cares about leading you to greater health and personal awareness. In every training session, you will learn something new and exciting. You will transcend your personal goals, because she inspires. Deeply. Her commitment to her clients is infectious,and the results are real and rewarding. Don’t pass up this opportunity- Heather Craig will change your life.

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