Nannette Z.

Make an investment in yourself by training with Heather Craig! I did, and it is one of the best decisions of my life. When I met with Heather, we talked about overall fitness goals (burning fat, building muscle,improving nutrition). But we also spoke about old injuries, previous barriers to fitness and areas of acute pain that were getting in the way of me reaching my maximum potential.

After working with Heather for only 3 sessions, I felt incredible! There was improvement in my core strength and a significant reduction in pain. After feeling such great results, I signed up for more sessions. Heather Craig rehabilitated me from the inside out. She held me accountable for showing up to my workouts, and encouraged me to send her text messages when I exercised solo. Her support helped me reach my goals. Throughout my training with Heather, I lost a few pounds. I also gained strength and confidence to continue striving for a better me. Thank you Heather Craig/Body Luv Fitness!

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