Nicole H.

I started taking Heather Craig’s X-Cycling class to kick start my exercise routine. Like a lot of people, I wanted to begin the new year off right by developing some good habits toward a healthier lifestyle. I’ll be honest here; I am no athlete. I’m much happier at home baking (and consuming) cookies than sweating in a gym. In addition to my natural sloth-like behavior and my many excuses for not working out, I’ve got a few very real/very persistent injuries that make a lot of exercises unbearable. Even gentle yoga proved to be too much of a strain for me. So, it was with a bit of trepidation (read: kicking and screaming) when I agreed to join my boyfriend for the first class.

When I arrived Heather greeted us with a warm smile. She introduced me to what X-Cycling was about and began helping me set up my bike. She assured me we could work around my injuries and made sure I continually “checked in” with my body throughout the workout. She encouraged me to obey my limits, which I did. I wish I could say the first class was a breeze. It wasn’t. I was sure my 40-something body was going to give out and embarrass me in front of the whole class within the first 5 minutes. I am happy to report it didn’t! Thanks to Heather Craig’s upbeat positive coaching I managed to make it through the entire hour without fainting or vomiting on my neighbor.

Best part: my injuries didn’t flare up after! In fact, I’ve found that after a few more classes, they might actually be improving! Good-bye Ibuprofen- I am so divorcing you. I cannot recommend Heather Craig’s instruction enough. Her classes are both challenging and fun-ish (I am still a sloth at heart).

I started to see results within the first few weeks. I FEEL BETTER and am not in as much pain. Throughout my day, I have adopted some of Heather’s Body Luv Fitness wellness techniques (shoulders down, deep breaths) for a calm and happy body. My stress level is down, I’m sleeping better and have even made peace with my skinny jeans. Thank you, Heather! My next batch of cookies is for you!

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