Rachael M.

I have always tried to stay active – whether it was working with a personal trainer, working out by myself at the gym, running, taking group classes, etc. But working out always felt like a chore and I could never stick to any one activity because it always felt too boring, or too expensive, too intimidating, or too hard on my body. Then I found Booty Luv® and everything changed!

Heather is so knowledgeable and she creates a super fun and supportive environment. I leave her classes sore and sweaty and knowing I’ve worked hard, but also knowing that I haven’t injured myself or pushed it too far. And I’ve seen great results – my ass looks fantastic!

I used to drag myself to the gym because I thought I should. Now I look forward to every Booty Luv® class and cannot wait to go work out! It’s great exercise, but it also feels rejuvenating and like I am doing something so nice for myself. I am so grateful to have found Heather Craig and Booty Luv®!

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