Valerie H.

Heather Craig is the real diva of delivering exercise delight! Besides leaving each class with a great workout, I love watching how Heather does what she does. From checking in with students to assure their complete safety, to creating warm-up routines that guide us into our zones without feeling overwhelmed, to keeping everyone encouraged with genuine appreciation as we work it out, Heather integrates a great teaching structure into all of her Booty Luv®, Pilates, and X-Cycling classes. She keeps it fresh by giving each class some novelty- whether by adding new moves, new music, or new perspectives- she actually makes me want to come back for more!

For years, I was an inconsistent gym-goer and found most classes boring, unsafe, or repetitive. With Heather Craig/Body Luv Fitness, it’s the opposite- I don’t want to miss a class because it’s the fastest and most enjoyable way for me to get in shape. For fun, fitness and a funky good time, give Heather Craig/Body Luv Fitness a try!

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