Krissy G.

I’ve taken Heather Craig’s X-Cycling class for quite a while now and I love it.

Kevilina B.

Booty Luv® has given me confidence- physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Katie B.

Thanks to Booty Luv®, I am learning to finally embrace what I have been given, to let go, and have FUN getting fit. Thanks Heather Craig and Booty Luv®!

Kami K.

With Heather as our booty motivator and specialist, paired with a soundtrack fit for a night out, my booty moved in ways I didn’t know was possible.

Kaitlyn DP.

I have been attending Heather Craig’s X-Cycling class for just over a month and I am completely hooked!

Jill M.

Heather’s X-Cycling class is a blast! The time flies by, and before I know it we are cooling down.

Jerri C.

Heather Craig has been a blessing to me! She has far surpassed my expectations and has quelled my fears.

Jeannie B.

Heather is the best motivator! It is because of her that I can now say I actually ENJOY working out!

Jami K.

My booty and I love this class, and I look forward to it every week.

Erin O.

I highly recommend working with Heather whether you are fighting the bulge battle or just want to keep that girlish figure.