Nicole H.

My stress level is down, I’m sleeping better and have even made peace with my skinny jeans. Thank you, Heather!

Nannette Z.

After working with Heather for only 3 sessions, I felt incredible! There was improvement in my core strength and a significant reduction in pain.

Nanci L.

Her classes have helped me build necessary strength and re-pattern my understanding of how to move my body to prevent further injuries.

Mimi F.

I first met Heather Craig in her Booty Luv® Fitness classes, and then hired her as my personal trainer to get me ready for a ski trip I had coming up.

Mary M.

Personally, this class has improved my hip flexibility for aerialist classes and has been a great complement to my fitness routine.

Maron F.

She has done something none of the other specialists could- she has made me feel better!

Linda D.

Thanks to Heather Craig’s programs and guidance, I feel more confident in my body and daily life.

Kristina R.

After a few months of taking Heather’s Booty Luv® class, my hip pain is now gone, by lower back pain in minimal, and my booty never looked so good!

Kristina K.

She takes the time to break down each move, explaining the muscle groups being worked and their importance.

Kristen O.

I am a diehard fan of Heather’s teaching and was thrilled to travel 2,000 miles to the Yucatan for more.