Debbie L.

My workouts over the past year have reshaped my body (especially my booty!) and re-centered my mind.

David J.

Heather Craig will change your life. No lie. Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn from her.

Dana G.

The best testament to this class is looking around the room and seeing everyone smiling and laughing, myself included.

Carmenza G.

I have been in Heather’s Spinning® class for the last 6 months. She is a great fitness instructor.

Ben S.

It’s a class I would recommend to any fitness level. You determine how hard you want to work and push yourself.

Anne B.

Over the course of one year I have lost several inches and pant sizes, but the most rewarding thing is discovering that my workouts are something I look forward to, rather than dread.

Beverly S.

Beverly S

After regularly coming class, my balance has improved so much that I don’t ever fall!