Valerie H.

For years, I was an inconsistent gym-goer and found most classes boring, unsafe, or repetitive. With Heather Craig/Body Luv Fitness, it’s the opposite!

Tracy J.

I’m really not one for group fitness classes but since I started personal training with Heather Craig/Body Luv Fitness and have enjoyed her so much, I thought I’d give her Booty Luv® class a shot.

Stefie W.

It is hard to keep from smiling during Booty Luv® and her other classes.

Stefanie V.

I LOVE working out with Heather! She knows how to motivate me even after a 12-hour office day.

Simone W.

I was referred to Heather Craig by my nutritionist because her classes promote a healthy relationship with one’s body.

Sarah L.

I’ve also been completely addicted to her group classes (Booty Luv® and X-Cycling) ever since I attended the first one several years ago.

Sarah B.

It’s been a long road. It hasn’t been fast or easy. I am more present, calm, clear minded, and a more engaged parent. I appreciate my body for it’s resilience and strength.

Rachael M.

I leave her classes sore and sweaty and knowing I’ve worked hard, but also knowing that I haven’t injured myself or pushed it too far. And I’ve seen great results – my ass looks fantastic!

Patti M.

Working out with Heather Craig has improved my fitness and strength levels and I finally feel better!

Nicole J.

I have been attending Heather Craig’s X- Cycling class for a long time now, and absolutely love it!